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‘Being Sharni hasn’t always been easy, whether it was learning to deal with my anxiety from an early age or trying to find where I fitted in,’ she says. ‘I had to do a lot of work on myself physically and mentally to become the best netballer and athlete I could be, but when I made it to the top I had a new challenge – who had I become as a person?’


‘I wrote this book to show there are ways to overcome what you may be going through in life. I hope my story inspires young women to achieve their dreams without being so hard on themselves.’


As one of the most prolific women in Australian sport, Sharni has become an in demand brand ambassador and inspiring role model and now has added Personal Trainer to her bow.

Sharni has a personable and enthusiastic approach which engages with a broad sporting and female audience. Her colourful characteristics and high profile athlete status has lead Sharni to a diverse range of ambassador opportunities across professional sectors such as TV, radio and print media, sporting clubs, charity events, professional workshops, sponsorships and corporate business functions.


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