Our mission is to offer an inclusive evidence based sports program, guided by best practice, to maximise development opportunities for all young people.
Our program has been designed with a holistic approach to athlete development – we will support the growth and development of the whole person with the support of industry experts.
Our program is connected to the official sporting pathway relevant to our academy athletes – our experts have experience at all levels of the pathway, including many years of knowledge and experience giving our athletes the best chance to progress in the pathway.
Planning has taken into consideration individualised athlete load of participants to allow them to still remain part of their regular teams.
The on court training program is designed in accordance with the ‘Dare to Develop a Diamond Program’ to ensure that our athletes are being exposed to age appropriate skills and drills as per the Netball pathway.
Fitness is a very important component of success in modern Suncorp Super Netball athletes, and it is important to measure fitness in the course of training – to get baseline measures, to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor changes in fitness over time. Most senior elite Netballers are in great physical condition. The attributes required for Suncorp Super Netball include running speed and agility, aerobic capacity and strength. Recommended fitness tests for assessing Netballers (as outlined by Netball Australia) is set out in the table below.
The journey to become an elite athlete is highly stressful and requires relentless persistence and resilience. The off court program athlete health and wellbeing program will utilise highly-skilled practitioners to deliver sessions that both upskill, empower and educate our athletes.
The netball pathway is extremely unique compared with other sports – there are many ‘exceptions to the rule’. Information and education sessions will allow for athletes to get a clearer picture of the pathway and alignment with their own journey. Educated and informed athletes will be empowered to become leaders in our sport. Undertaking training at this stage of their player journey will further strengthen the game by giving young people skills to become more than just a player. In the high performance netball pathway this type of education is an expectation.
It is important that our athletes undertake relevant and meaningful education available for free through the My Netball Portal + Sharni Layton Sports Academy TeamApp.