Terms & Conditions

Please Note: the Agreement (as defined below) will govern the Participant’s involvement in the Program to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. Completion of the Registration Form indicates the Clients’ consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

Academy means Layton Sports Academy Pty Ltd (ABN 55 643 360 338)

Agreement means agreement between the Clients and the Academy and includes: the Registration Form, these Terms and Conditions and the Information Sheet (if any).

Clients means the Participant and the Guardian.

Code of Conduct means the code of conduct issued by the Academy from time to time (if any).

Fee means the fee charged for participation in the Program, as specified in the Registration Form.

Guardian means the guardian of the Participant specified in the Registration Form.

Information Sheet means the information sheet for the Program attached to these Terms and Conditions (if any).

Participant means the participant specified in the Registration Form.

Program means the sports program specified in the Registration Form, as further detailed in the Information Sheet.

Registration Form means the completed registration form at the front of these Terms and Conditions.

Sport means the sport specified in the Registration Form.

2. Guardian Permission

The Guardian gives permission for the Participant to attend and participate in all sessions and activities forming part of the Program.

3. Undertaking to attend Program sessions

The Participant acknowledges that a mental and physical health maximises Program outcomes and reduces risk of injury. The Participant undertakes to attend all possible Program sessions, including counselling, and strength and conditioning sessions.

4. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Participant’s placement in the Program shall not be guaranteed until Fees for the Program have been paid in full.

5. The Academy has a no-refund policy for a change or mind or missed classes. The Academy may consider refunds upon receiving medical evidence of long-term injury preventing ongoing involvement in the Program.

6. Medical Conditions

All medical conditions affecting the Participant must be listed in the Registration Form. Additionally, the Academy must be notified of any medical conditions affecting the Participant arising during the Program.

Should a serious injury occur, the Academy will take all reasonable steps to contact one or both of the listed Emergency Contacts. Nevertheless, the Guardian hereby gives permission for the Academy to ensure the Participant receives medical attention (such as notifying ambulance services) and the Guardian agrees to pay all associated costs for such medical services.

7. Risk, Liability and Indemnity

The Clients acknowledge that the Participant participates in the Program at his or her own risk. While the Academy shall endeavour to provide care and caution against mishap, the Academy will not be liable for, and the Clients hereby release and indemnify the Academy from, any claim, action

or liability for loss or damage (such as in respect of injury) arising from the Participant’s participation in the Program.

The Clients shall be responsible for their own belongings. The Academy will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings which occurs as a result of any attendance of a session or activity pursuant to the Program.

8. Cancellation of sessions

The Academy will endeavour to ensure advertised sessions are completed. However, the Academy may cancel a session  where it considers that commencement or continuation of a session would be unsafe. Unsafe circumstances may include extreme weather (such as storms, heavy rain, heatwaves, lightning).

Where convenient, the Academy may change the location of a session (such as indoors) to enable the session to continue.

The Academy will endeavour to provide all reasonable notice of the cancellation or relocation of any Program session.

9. Conduct

The Academy endeavours to provide a respectful and inclusive environment for sport.


  • must not engage in Physical or verbal abuse, bullying, intimidatory or similar poor behaviour in any form;
  • must respect, and must not wilfully or recklessly damage, the facilities and equipment of the Academy
  • must comply with the reasonable directions of the Academy and with the Rules of the Sport;
  • comply with the Code of Conduct; and
  • must not engage in drug, tobacco or alcohol abuse during the Program.

Any failure to comply with the above may result in the Participant being removed from a Program session or expelled from the Program (without refund).

Abusive or disrespectful behaviour, or behaviour not compliant with the Code of Conduct, by spectators attending Program sessions or activities will not be tolerated.

Poor behaviour may result in spectators being removed from a Program session or activity.

In extreme circumstances, failure of the Guardian to comply with the conduct obligation of this clause 8 may result in expulsion of the Participant from the Program (without refund).

10. Clothing and Equipment 

Participants are expected to attend Program sessions in suitable sports attire and footwear and, where required by the Academy, in uniforms as supplied or directed by the Academy (and clause 6 shall apply). The Academy may further supply certain equipment such as sports balls, nets, whistles, and bibs for the purposes of particular Program sessions.   

11. Photographs

The Academy will take photographs of participants participating in the Program for marketing and promotion activities. Unless the Academy receives prior written notice to the contrary, the Clients irrevocably authorise publication of such images of the Participant for this purpose.

Spectators at Program sessions and activities may take photographs for family use, subject to the Code of Conduct and the reasonable directions of the Academy.

Spectators are requested to avoid uploading images of other participants onto social media without the express approval of the guardian(s) of those participants.